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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Luis Marcos Antonio Lucero who entered into this life on March 11, 1976 and entered into eternal life on April 19, 2006 at the age of 30. 

Luis is survived by his immediate family; wife Heather Lucero and his children Anthony, Aubry, Sienna and Genevieve.  
He also leaves behind his parents, 12 brothers and sisters and 41 nieces and nephews. 

As a child Luis had the best lungs of all, boy could he scream and get our attention...... sound like somebody we know, Gena.. :)

As a kid he was boisterous as ever, always doing silly things; we'd play outside with the roosters and chickens, he would mostly catch spiders, snakes and other crawly, scary insects and show us how cool they were....... we just ran away out of fear

As an adolescent, he had everyone following him, he had the biggest folowing of em all. He was fun to be around and good looking.... of course...... he looks just like mom and pops!lol!

As a teenager, he was very adventurous and always doing something new..... boy I could be here for days recounting stories....!

As a young adult he began to discover his gifts, realized that he was not only a great dancer, but that he was great at almost everything he did, only.... he didn't realize it till later!

As a grown man, he met his lovely wife Heather . Together they had two beautiful girls who now look just like him and act just like him too!

Luis, thank you for your beautiful girls, we love them to pieces. They not only remind us of you but they bring us that same joy that you brought to us and continue to do so even today.
We miss you but you will always be remembered, and most importantly, you will live on in our memory... everyone will know of  Luis Lucero...
the great!
the funny guy!
the crazy cat!
with the beautiful eyes!
that great dancer!
wonderfully, creative artist!
charming young man!
God-fearing/loving man!
the peace-maker!
Great Family man!

We love you,
your familia...


Luis Marcos Lucero, 30, of Albuquerque, NM passed away on Wednesday, April 19, 2006 at Denver, Colorado with his loving family beside him. Luis was born March 11, 1976 in Albuquerque, NM to Juan and Corrine (Aragon) Lucero. Luis married Heather Gutierrez, September 29, 2001 in Albuquerque, NM. Luis was a member of the Estancia Valley Catholic Parish. He loved to dance, sing, draw, and photograph nature. Luis was very spirited, fun, and full of life. Luis is survived by his wife, Heather Lucero; son, Anthony Garcia; daughters, Aubry Garcia, Sienna Lucero, Genevieve Lucero; parents, Juan and Clorinda Lucero; brothers, Juan and wife Gloria Lucero, Jesus and wife Lucia Lucero, Jose Lucero, Francisco Lucero, Lorenzo Lucero, Martin and wife Sarah Lucero (baby Lucero); sisters, Bonnie and husband Johnny Webster, Elisa and husband Michael Barela, Maria Esquibel, Lora and husband Rick, Elena Lucero and fiancé Costa Gatzios, Rosalinda and husband Daniel Vogel; nieces, Angelique Chavez, Andrea Chavez, Felicia Chavez, Veronica Barela, Elizabeth Barela, Christina Barela, Angelica Barela, DeMarie Lucero, Meghan Lucero, Sophia Esquibel, Anna Esquibel, Jacquelyn Chavez, Adela Lucero, Celia Lucero, Marisela Lucero, Miranda Lucero; nephews, Richard Chavez, Nicholas Webster, Antonio Barela, Miguel Esquibel, Samuel Esquibel, Alexander Chavez, Montie Chavez, Christopher Chavez, Jevan Chavez, Andrew Lucero, Adrian Lucero, Jose Lucero, Francisco Jr. Lucero, Martin Jr. Lucero.

There will be a rosary Friday, April 21, 2006 at 7:00 PM at St. Peter & Paul Catholic Church in Estancia, NM. A mass will be held at Saturday, April 22, 2006 at 10:00 AM st St. Peter & Paul Catholic in Estancia, NM. Decaon Juan Lucero and Father Jose Lucero will be oficating. Pallbearers will be Johnny Lucero, Jesse Lucero, Jose Lucero, Francisco Lucero, Lorenzo Lucero, and Martin Lucero. Interment will follow at the Lucero Family Cemetery in Torreon, NM. Arrangements entrusted to

Harris-Hanlon Mortuary
“Our Family Serving Your Family”

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Tributes and Condolences
missing you more and more everyday!!!   / Celia Lucero (Niece)
Heyy uncle so i know i just put a letter on here the other day but i have just been thinking about you and aunie lisa alot latley! I have cried a few times scince your anniversery last month. Today is May 20th and I am just missing you 2 so much! i t...  Continue >>
missing you lotz!!!   / Celia Lucero (Niece)
Hey uncle so just last month was your 6 year anniversery. i am missing you like crazy right now i have just been thinking about you and auntie lisa latley! i am remembering all the memories made with us and your guys kiddos! i will say though i have ...  Continue >>
Heyyyy Uncle!   / Angelica Barela (Niece)
Hey Uncle how is it going up there? Wow it has been so long sense I have talked to you.... I still can not believe that its been five years already sense you passed. Well it has been three years for my mom and it does not even feel like it. I have be...  Continue >>
5 years now   / Celia Lucero (niece)
hey uncle! I am missing you so much! Well today is the hita Gena's birthday! OMG they are sooooooooo big! The other day we were at nanas and BOY do they look so much like you! It was the cutest thing Gena and Mari were visiting you and they miss you!...  Continue >>
Long time no talk....   / Adela Lucero (Nese)
Hey there uncle! Its been ages since I have been on here.... No I haven't forgotten about you its just that I have been very busy. Life nowa days is suckish! School is going good I've decided that I wanna play softball this year. Im a softmore in hig...  Continue >>
heyyyy uncle  / Angelica Barela (niece)    Read >>
LUIS / Luis Perea II (FRIEND)    Read >>
alot of things i want u to know  / Angelica Barela (neace)    Read >>
Your Birthday!  / J. &. C. Lucero (Brother)    Read >>
missing you  / Angelica Barela (neice)    Read >>
missing you little bro!  / Bonnie Webster (Oldest Sister )    Read >>
So much to tell you  / Lorenzo Lucero (Brother)    Read >>
I am missin you carnal  / Rosa Vogel (little sister )    Read >>
missing you  / Francisco Lucero (brother)    Read >>
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His legacy
These are prayers for Luis and for his family. They still apply because he is performing miracles!  
These are prayers that were sent with Jose the week before Luis' passing from this into his eternal life. I believe that because Luis was so covered with prayers from all over the world, it was easy for him to pass into eternal life because he had all the saints and angels making a road from his bedroom to the gates of heaven. Through everyone's prayers, Luis had a peaceful passing and was able to be surrounded by his entire family. Thanks to all of you for your continual prayers not only for Luis but also for his family. God bless

From Adam:
I'm going to head over to the adoration chapel at St. Thomas.
I will say a rosary for Luis and his family and ask for intercession from
St. Jude.

From Bart, Deb and Aidan:
All of our prayers and thoughts are with him and his family! Please pass this along.

You can count on our prayers and offerings Kathy.

From Mike:
I will pray for them all.
I will pray to God for His mercy to be bestowed on Luis and his family, and that Luis might live to support his children growing up.

April 13, 2006

Dear Luis ~

My name is Laura Flores and I have the honor of being a Mentor to your brother Jose. Jose is truly inspirational to me and he speaks of you often. Now when I see him I ask about you. So in a sense I feel like I know you thru him.

I write this letter from my heart and want you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I pray for your continued strength, hope, love, and courage as I know that you possess all of those amazing qualities.
God Bless.

Our Brother Luis,
Know that you have been and will continue to be in our prayers. We only know you through your brother Jose, but anyone related to him can only be a very special person!
Our family is sending all of our love, prayers and well wishes to you and yours at this time critical time in your life. Know that God is with you through all of this and only he can carry and guide all of you through this. May he lift all of you up and hold you in his loving arms.
Our greatest hope is that our Lord lays his hands upon you and places in your heart all of the faith, hope and love that is needed
to bring you comfort and healing.
If there is anything, anything at all, that your or your family need, please do not hesitate to let us know. No matter what the distance, we are here for all of you.
In Jesus' name.....
The Ortigaza Family
Danny, Noreen
Daniel Jr. & Desiree

Hey PJ,
This is the time of miracles and I pray one happens for Luis. I have
seen it happen through prayer before and he will have thousands of
people praying for him. The decision is ultimately in God's hands, but
we all have both of you in our hearts and prayers this Easter weekend.
Luis, I believe that there is more of God's work for you to do on this
earth before God calls you home. This must be a scary time for you
and your entire family. We all grow stronger if we can survive the
crisis. Take care and God bless.


Hi! It's Nicole Martinez, formerly Graham. Not sure if you remember
me. It's been a while. I can't remember the last time I saw you. But I
know that you were young. I used to come stay with Lola and Maria and
the whole family. WOW! I had to grade a lot of cheese for those
frijoles, when we got ready for dinner at your house. You were so cute and bratty. (not as bad as Lorenzo, though, now HE was a brat! I think I
pinched him hard and it didn't even hurt him. Ha!) Now you're all grown with a family and everything. I'm sure they are all beautiful.
Congratulations. I guess we ALL grew up. Time passes so quickly.
I'm so sorry to hear about your condition, Luis. Words can't express
what we feel for you, your family, and your other family who mean so much to me. Please know that you are in my thoughts and my prayers. Please
don't feel that this is some type of punishment from God, because it's
not. A God of Love (1 John 4:8) would never put somebody through this.
James 1:13 says, "When under trial, let no one say: "I am being tried
by God." For with evil things God cannot be tried nor does he himself
try anyone."
I'm sending you Love, Hugs, and warm wishes. I will always remember
your smile, because you always had one on.
Love Always, Nicole Martinez

Dearest Luis, my name is James De Anda and I am a friend and former student of your brother, Jose. I'm writing to let you know that i will be sending over my guardian angel along with all his reserves and those on standby so that they may guide you through a healthy and speedy recovery. As of now i will be forwarding all prayers in your direction, and believe me i have a lot of juice with the big guy upstairs and his associates. Know that you and your family are in my prayers, may you recognize the presence of all the angels around you at this time and know that we are all pulling for you. wishing you and your family a happy and blessed Easter!
God Bless!
James De Anda

Dear Jose,
Thank you for your email. I will pray for your
brother right now - in fact, I will include him in a
novena I am making to the Holy Spirit at this moment.
I hope you are doing ok. We will catch up more when
you return from Denver. Take care and have a Happy

Hey Jose, sorry to hear about your brother, My friends and i will be praying
for him. I need you to pray for my mother. She had emergancy surgery on
monday, and was just tested positive for cancer today. The doctors still
arent sure where the cancer is, but they do know that it is a ver agressive
cancer and they need to operate right away.
We will pray a special rosary for your brother at Holy Angels.
Ill talk to you later
-Victor B

I hope your brother has a fast recovery and i hope you have a good easter, fr. lucero.
take it easy.



Dear Luis,
Hey remember me? I heard that you are in ciritcal condition. I have been praying for you everyday since we met last Spring. I hpe you stay strong and fight this because you are such a great person. I remember the last time i saw you, you were learning to play guitar. I hope thats going well for you as well. Just know that my prayers as well as many others are with you. God will watch over you. God bless you and I wish you the best.
-Philip Luciano

Hi Brother Jose,

I thank you Father God for blessing and preserving Luis life, for giving
him two daughters, a wife and a loving brother and family. I lift Luis up
to you now and ask for You to heal him in Jesus name! I pray that he would be able to breathe easier, more movement and flexiblitiy in his lungs, that the doctors would be given creative alternatives that would be successful. By the stripes you took Jesus, you bore all our infirmities and sicknesses and You still heal today. Thank you for touching him with hope, peace, no fear, Your love and strengthen Luis from the top of his head to the bottom of his feat, Your angels to protect him and may there be a marked improvement from this day forward so he can celebrate Your resurrection this Sunday. We love you Jesus, thank you so much that you hear and answer our prayers, you are faithful and good, thank you for your great love for Luis, you care so much for him and his family. Amen
God is good, Happy Easter, love, ava martinez (Blaise and Eliseo's mother)

Dear Luis,

I heard about your condition from Father Jose. I just want to pray for you. I want to pray that God and his angels come and heal you, guide you, lead you the right way. I want to pray for your health and family's health. I know that Life's a struggle, and there are many obstacle in your way, but people have to overcome it. I believe this is one obstacle you have to fight and overcome. I know you can fight this, its hard, but i pray that you will fight it. God will guide you and help you through this hard time. God bless you and you'll always be in my prayer.

I am shocked to here the news. Please let Luis know that I will be offering many prayers. Today is Good Friday and I plan to walk on my knees the Holy Stairs (that Jesus walked up when before pilate). They are at a church here in Rome. I will also special prayers at the church where the relics of the passion are at. Peace.
Fr. Adam Lee Ortega y Ortiz
Santa Maria de la Paz
11 College Ave.
Santa Fe, NM 87508-9225

Hi Luis,
You don't know me but I am a priest friend of Jose from Melbourne
Australia :)
Jose mentioned to me that you have been really ill ... and I cannot
imagine how difficult that must be for you ...
One of my hobbies is magic, and I wish I could wave a wand and help you,
or at least help you to smile :)) Have you ever had an interest in
magic? The fun magic that is ... :))
The magic I send to you is a prayer from my heart praying that Jesus and
God's Spirit is growing in your heart. My hope is that you get well,
but an even deeper hope is that you find the love and friendship of God
in all that happens to you ...
I hope you get many people writing to say 'hi' and to let you know you
are loved and appreciated and that we walk with you ....
I hope I am the person from fartherest away to write to you ... :)) If
someone is writing from further let me know :)))
With my love, a prayer, and best wishes in this most difficult time,
Fr Mick Court

In Remembrance of our Uncle Luis  
IN remembrance of Uncle Luis 

Written and Given on April 21, 2006 

I’ve always known that uncle Luis loved me as well as everyone else in his life.
Uncle Luis has always been not just an uncle, but a friend, and even though I’m his niece, he's always treated me as if I was his own sibling or even his daughter.
He and auntie Heather always included me in whatever they did, whether it was taking a road trip, or just staying the night at their house. 
Uncle Luis, You have impacted my life so much and it breaks my heart to speak of our special friendship in past tense.
Through all this, you have taught me life lessons;
Life is too short, and we need to appreciate it and one another. It should never take death to realize how much we mean to one another.
In my last words of remembrance, Uncle Luis, I love you from the bottom of my heart.
You will be greatly missed, not only by me but by everyone who was ever lucky enough to have met you. Now go, go, breathe in paradise with our Lord and Savior and may your soul rest in peace. - Love you Lizz
Te Vas Angel Mio  

Te vas Ángel Mío
Ya vas a partir
Dejando mi alma herida
Un corazón a sufrir.
Te vas y me dejas
Un inmenso dolor
Recuerdo inolvidable
Me ha quedado de tu amor.
Pero hay Cuando vuelvas
No me hallaras aquí.
Iras a mi tumba
Y allí rezarás por mi.
Veras unas letras escritas ahí
Con el nombre y la fecha
Y el día en que fallecí

Te Vas Angel Mio…
The Peacemaker  
The legacy that Louie shared with us was profoundly great.  He was a true peacemaker and shared many "great times"  with family and friends.  Louie had every characteristic of good.  He loved people so much and treated them with respect.  His legacy was to cheer people up and show them a brighter light.  He was always compassionate and never judgemental.  He was outspoken and yet so forgiving.  His meekness and humility taught everyone how precious life is.  He struggled to give back to people and in his kindness he met so many friends who have supported him.  This is great because not many people can say how one individual touched them and went to great lengths to get to know you.  

Louie was always the person to move on, and accept what he had and make the best of it.  You would give him a small token and he would cherish it.  He enjoyed sharing good memories and would make everyone laugh when he would reminiss.  His life was not a box of chocalates it was a box of hardships filled with great memories of his family living life at its fullest potential.   He was a strong man trying to overcome many obstacles with his health. 

ps. If you want to send anything  in the form of prayer by way of letters, cards, candles, or any other form of remembrance and would like it placed in the chapel right next to Luis' gravesite, please send to;
Juan & Clorinda Lucero 
P.O. Box 26 
Torreon, NM 87061

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